Bhava EP

by Bija

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This was a kinda last minute idea throwing these tracks up. I was planning on a full length but I am deciding to split it in to 2 eps. These tracks are lightly compressed, and met for headphone listening. I am in a place of having to sell my shit and plasma in order to make extra money to cover my medical bills while not working and trying to attempt to receive disabilty from the US government..its not easy here at all. Despite me having several conditions and new ones such as scoliosis. I have to see a nuerologist as well.. I am not necessarily in the most positive place. I have posted lots of music on here, constantly taking things down and posting new free "albums". The next one will more than likely be the last for a good while..Honestly I put a lot of time in to this and its merely a hobby, I dont have expensive gear or nything fancy.. just FL Studio and tons of free vsts and its lot to do to have poorly mastered music as a representation of your "art". If you can PLEASE donate.. I have been able to use the bit I made from the Rhizo EP to some help..I have a family too and thankfully a wife thats able to help us get by....but with my medical bills and my condition getting worse its really tough...Thanks ya'll so much. I REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate everyone that takes the time to really listen to my music..its means a lot!

j Bija

The cover art is by my buddy, John Ckirk. I added the color and text, but the rest is his original drawing. Check him out.. he is an amazing artist:


released April 27, 2015

All tracks written and composed by Bija

Spoken Word on "Eon" and "Fallen" : Noir Native

Spoken Word on "Dark Matter" : Robert Kiser



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Bija Athens, Georgia

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